Move the sales process forward with everything needed from first contact to last touch.

At Porter Consulting, we understand the complexity of selling enterprise technology solutions. It is not just the solution, it's also how to engage multiple channels, players, and customer buying cycles.

Our worldwide team of professionals are skilled and experienced in developing the sales tools needed for every part of the buyer’s decision process.

Full suite of sales tools to drive
customer buying decisions

Our consulting and creative teams understand the sales cycle of enterprise technology solutions.

We plan and deliver sales enablement tools that drive decisions at every stage of the process, including tools for presales, inside sales, solution architects, and account executives.

Each tool is precisely tailored for maximum effectiveness from initial solution introduction through technical discussions and on to executive level strategic and financial decision making.

Enable Your Sales Teams


Tools to educate your sales team.

We work collaboratively with your sales and marketing teams, as well as your partners, to create battlecards to help close more deals and simplify sales by providing crucial information in an overview format with all pertinent information is included.

We create presentations and webinars specifically for sales training that include target messaging, responses to common customer questions or objections, and substantiated claims with quantifiable proof points.

We develop sales playbooks to document your best practices, sales tactics, and key strategies for any stage of the sales process, outlining what a rep should do in a specific selling situation, such as prospecting, nurturing, or pitching a specific product. We make sure your playbook is comprehensive without being overwhelming.


Assets to support your sales team's success.

Our creative teams will plan, write, design, and publish collateral—print and digital—such as brochures, case studies, sales decks, sales scripts, email templates, and call guides, to ultimately drive sales and revenue.

For web and events, visual storytelling (with whiteboards) is designed to engage your target audience more impactfully and memorably than traditional presentations. Our programs include strategic planning to fit whiteboarding into the sales process where it is most effective, and complete content creation and packaging for field execution.

We design sales kits to provide the right balance of resources for your sales teams and channel partners. From demand gen campaigns to sales decks, sales scripts, email templates, and call guides, we help ensure your sales team is successful.

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