Delivering the highest quality
product to our customers.

Established in 1997, Porter Consulting is comprised of experienced marketing and communication professionals who deliver services for technology-driven enterprises around the world.

We have teams located across Europe, Asia, and North and Central America. 

Our teams bring experience and knowledge to guide sales and marketing organizations throughout the customer journey, from strategic solution positioning and messaging to content development and channel delivery. 

We ask the right questions, listen intently to each client’s unique needs, and respond with tailored marketing and communication solutions. Our objective is to consistently meet and exceed expectations—on time and within budget.

A key added value

Porter Consulting brings flexibility to every client engagement. We understand plans can change at a moment’s notice, and we have structured our organization to adapt as necessary.

Our team can build a new, robust marketing and sales program for your organization from the ground up. We can take on management of a new or existing sales and marketing program as a fully outsourced service. Or, we can augment your internal project management teams where and when additional resources are needed.