Customer Reference and Advocacy

Turning happy customers into effective advocates for your business.

There is no more effective way to demonstrate the value of your enterprise technology solutions than having your customers tell an authentic story of their success.

At Porter Consulting, we are specialists in identifying great customer advocates, telling their stories on your behalf, and nurturing customer relationships over time so they become some of your best sales people.

Comprehensive customer reference and
advocacy services

Porter Consulting’s customer reference and advocacy services run the gamut. From advising on how to establish and build a brand-new customer reference program, to re-energizing an existing but under-utilized program, to expanding an already-thriving program, helping build customer communities, and creating customer advisory boards, our team of experts have decades of experience in all aspects of customer referencing and advocacy.

Our customer advocacy team knows how to nurture relationships, managing where and when each customer advocate is best engaged on your behalf.

We build an entire program that aligns each customer with an optimal advocacy role, whether it is participating on sales reference calls, speaking at events, sitting on webinar panels, writing guest blogs, or being featured in a customer success video or case study.

We manage all the details so your customers feel honored and valued but never over-used.

Our team produces compelling case studies from many of the leading enterprise technology companies around the world, bringing their customer success stories to life, whether in a written document or on video.

We know how to qualify the best customers to advocate for your solutions, build a program around their success—which is your success—and create the content to share those successes with the world.

We help our clients deploy and manage customer reference databases, which are the key to identifying appropriate customers for every reference and advocacy opportunity.

When you’re looking for the perfect spokesperson to represent a customer at your next speaking event, the database quickly turns up a recommendation. When your sales teams need customer references to help win a deal, the database produces on demand.

Our team will advise you on customer reference database best practices, data cleansing, and coach your team on the most important information to have in the database to get the best out of your customers for every reference opportunity.

Tapping into current trends in social media and digital marketing, our team can help produce Quick Video customer testimonials that emphasize authenticity and candor, rather than corporate-speak. Quick Video is cheaper, faster, easier, and more convenient than creating videos using traditional onsite crews and production.

Our team will ensure these videos align with your message while complying with your branding and logo usage guidelines. We offer streamlined planning, capture, and production to put the first clips in your hands within days, cutting the costs of traditional video asset creation.

Take your customer reference and advocacy program to the next level with a reliable program tailored specifically to your company and needs.

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